Zaurus Internet Chat

Quick Downloads: zic-0.2.ipk | zic-0.2.tar.gz

What is Zic?

Zic is a graphical IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Qtopia (formerly qpe). It is designed for (and tested on) the Sharp SL-5000 series PDA (Zaurus), but will run on the Compaq iPaq under Qtopia as well.


Features (or lack thereof)

THIS IS A VERY EARLY VERSION. Some features which are planned may not have been implemented yet. Expect many bugs. Do not blame me if Zic manages to break your computer.

Things that you can do with Zic v0.2:

Things that you can't do with Zic v0.2: Please feel free to send me feedback and feature-requests.

Bugs / Known issues

I'm sure there are more than this, but the ones that spring to mind are:

There are bound to be many more, and more serious, bugs than are listed here. Please send me bug reports. You can get a raw server window and a debug window by compiling with IRCDEBUG defined (in options.h)

Planned features

The Author

Contact me: zic AT mainmast.org.uk

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